Complaint regarding data entry job offers

I contacted abstract jobs through a message received for part time work on 31st Aug, 2018. They give a data entry work with a charge of 3000 Rs. where refundable deposit is just 1000. This goes higher with higher slabs. They say that if errors are more than 20 percent you will get nothing for a typing project of Min 100 pages. And if it is ok Then you get Rs 10000. It takes min 8 hours per day to do that work. I got 29 percent errors so I was not paid anything and when I went to take my refund of security deposit. First they refused but when I insisted they agreed to pay back in 4 months with instalments which is ridiculous. I can see there is always so many unemployed boys and girls enque in their office for some earning and they all must be cheated like this. This is a complete fraud company which must be stopped and penalized to cheat the people. The work of this company is not at all in favour of the nation. If 20 people min they cheat their daily earning becomes min 80000. Therefore they are fooling the people and earn not less than 2 Crs in a month.

Rahul Trivedi
Greater Noida 201308, Uttar Pradesh

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