Wickedleak sold to me a defective mobile “wammy titan 4” and when I received that manufacturing defective mobile I called them and registered complain within a day. Soon they turned a deaf ear and till now it has been more than a month still they have neither refunded nor replaced my handset. Where are their money back trust pay policy stating boldly that money back if found defective products received by the customers. Sir I want action for the fraud done by the wickedleak company by selling manufacturing defective Mobile Phone to me. And they are not abiding to their Trust Pay Policy stating money back under defective products. That sir I have ordered wammy titan 4 mobile through online for Rs 14990 from the website www.wickedleak.org on 29 june and My order ID is 6823 in wickedleak.org. And they have 7 days moneyback gurantee and I Requested for refund process within a day after receiving a defective handset. Its display becoming black always and screen goes in faded colour. I called and emailed them and booked complain as it has defective issue and I am eligible for refund. Because their terms and conditions says 7 days refund or replacement guarantee in defective products sent by them under trust pay. But They showed their deaf ear by skipping me and not replying me. They themselves are not following their terms and conditions under Trust Pay. They cheated me and not refunded me nor they replaced the handset. They told me that I am not eligible for refund in their policy and lied that my handset has no issue. But sir I saw display problem and many more like touch issue and poor battery service. That sir I want refund. Please help me sir.

Riaz Whatlagado
Burma Camp Dimapur Nagaland 797112
Email: whatlaga[@gmail.com / 23/08/2015 / 1:43 am

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  1. Wickedleak sold defective handset and had become bored by contacting their online service centre. I did mistake in choosing brand. They dont respond me and if I comment in any website they sent me legal notice. How to get refund from this company as now they are not responding me after sale. I purchased wammy titan 4 from this wickedleak.org site on 14th may and received it on 29th May 2015 and it was received in defective condition showing display issues. Till now after lots of emails to them and called them 1000 times yet they dont respond me. I lost my 15000 Rs in that device and they are not abiding their own terms and conditions of money back or replacement. I lost my precious time in contacting them and lost several Money too. But could not be able to do anything until now. Please sir have a look at my case and provide me refund from that wickedleak company. It was my hard earned money. I need compensation also.. My email is sabirdenn@gmail.com. phone number is 8974538758

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