I bought from Lalani E-Tech City, Kolkata an LG TFT IPS LED monitor (model no.: 20MP47A-P) on 11/12/2015 for our company ALBATROS. The invoice number is ETC/CM/15-16/26313.

On the evening of 13/12/2015, the monitor stopped functioning (picture not displaying, with error message). I immediately called LG Customer Support, but my complaint was not registered until 14/12/2015. I was given the complaint docket number RNA 151214052077.

It was not until three or four days later than a technician arrived to inspect the problem. There was a mistake in the inspection on the part of the technician, for which a delay of more than a week was incurred. Then after the technician had come a second time, I was told that the monitor would be replaced, as it was within warranty. This was on 18/12/2015. I was not contacted afterwards for information pertaining to replacement; when I called the number of the local representative (provided by the toll-free line), I was given a waiting period of a week; but this date has continuously been deferred. Even today, on 12/1/2016, I have not been informed concretely as to when I could expect the monitor to be replaced, or, indeed, if at all the monitor would be replaced. This harassment and delay in provision of service is causing our company loss.

Please inform the concerned authorities to expedite this process.

Alay Kumar Ghoshal
Anurupa Pally
Email: axxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com / 12/01/2016 / 1:01 pm

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