Complaint regarding delayed delivery by Professional couriers

I have sent a birthday greeting to Madinaguda, Hyderabad from Chennai on 18.4.2018 FN from Chennai for Rs.67/-. At the time of posting, they told me that, this courier will be delivered to Hyderabad tomorrow i.e.19.4.2018. But it was delivered only on 23.4.2018 Evening. It was taken 6 days for the delivery. In this regard, I was contact and given complaint over phone on 21.4.2018 to the Professional Courier company office Chennai for delay of delivery and they gave a complaint No.392190. But no speedy action taken in this regard. Even if send in ordinary post it will be taking maximum 2 working days only. In profession courier It was taken 6 working days. Very very poor service. In this regard I got very much stressed because purpose of the courier not solved due to the very poor Professional courier service. Kindly take severe action to the Professional Courier for their very poor and lazy service. As a consumer I was severely affected in this regard. (Bill No. MAA544716397)

Muthukumar Anandhan
Kolathur, Chennai 600099

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