The above mentioned laptop was working well until an year before when it stopped working. Then a complaint was registered and the Mother board was replaced with the refurbished one. Then it was working well. In September 2016, again it generated problems of beep sound and hang over after some time. So I made a complaint on 28.09.2016. Two days after an engineer came and told that the mother board had to changed. Again the complaint was registered. After few days he came back with a refurbished mother board and changed. Then the system was not even switching on. Three times again the same thing was tried by him with refurbished mother boards. It was also not working. Then mother board and processor were sent. That also failed, I wrote to them stating the urgent need of my system and the complaint was taken by the escalation team which assured me quick resolution. Then they tried with three parts – mother board, processor and ram. Again the system was not even starting. Then they started sending four refurbished spares – mother board, processor, ram, lcd and lcd cable. This also proved failure.

Meanwhile I strongly opposed them using again and again refurbished spares. They told me that these parts were only available and told me that this time they would send a senior engineer. He also came with five refurbished spares and the system was not even starting. Then I mailed my objection stating them to take their product. Then the senior system resolver called me up and told that this time it would be fixed. Again the senior engineer came and tried with the refurbished spares and there was no result. I mailed to the senior system resolver objecting their process and told them that already 50 days were over and take back the system. Again he convinced me for the next service for which also I agreed. This time also the senior engineer came with all refurbished spares and tried. It was also of no use. Meanwhile the base cover screw thread holes had got damaged in this process. Then I strongly objected this and asked for replacement. The Senior system resolver after considering my case called me three days back told that replacement would be made. The very next day he called me and told that replacement was not possible. Throughout this process he was stating the system was old. I told him whether the system is old or not he should honour the warranty and asked for replacement. Yesterday the senior system resolver called me and told that I should handover the laptop to their representative and it would be repaired at Bangalore lab and kept for observation for 30 days. I opposed this one stating that all efforts had been made by sending the best refurbished spares available from the lab and how it would be possible. So I told them to take their product and replace it at the earliest. But he refused to do so. Meanwhile I asked his service extension phone number and postal address of their office which were also not given.

I couldn’t concentrate on my regular works because of this and mentally disturbed. Kindly help me for the system replacement (without refurbished ) or for refund of the costs of laptop and warranty.

S Mohan Kumaramangalam
Kovilpathu, Karaikal 609605, Pondicherry
Email: / 30/11/2016 / 8:31 pm

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