As I have received a call from ELS Technologies, they have offered me a discount card related with my SBI credit card. As they mentioned they will provide me 25% discount on all the transaction i will make with my SBI credit card (except fuel and gold), also they have told me that we will provide me 5 gift along with discount card i.e (1 pair of branded sports shoes, 1 sunglasses, 1 original branded watch, 2000 Rs. online coupon and the last one is 2 multiplex tickets also the promised to provide the bill of shoes, watch, sunglasses). the price of the card was one time lum-sum 6550 Rs. (the main part was already they have my credit card details). As it was profitable I have purchased that card. they have provided me contact no and mail. as promised by them I received the products and gifts with in 5 days. the provided gifts are not at original or branded also the bill was not there of that products. After receiving the product I have registered that card provided no over it. and as on 23 rd sep i have called there no and ask for the coupons and told that the provided gifts are not original as well there is no bills provided and also that i have registered that card, the person over call was Axxxxt Txxxxxi was told me that ok you have registered for both online and offline, i asked how to regiter that card and how to use that card he told me you have to visit our partner mentioned in welcome book and also told me that i am sending you the coupons in mail. As told by him I have read there book for activation of the card, as mentioned in the book all the shops are not use full. then again i have called him next day related to card as well related to that gifts, he told me that I am sending you a new book and as well the new watch and a new sunglasses, it will reached me with in 10 to 12 days . but that was not received yet, again i have called him 03/10 again he told me that i am sending you the same and it will received you with in 15 days, but it never received, again i have called him on 31/10 and asked for refund, as he requested me for last time and again told me that it will received you with in 10 to 12 days. i have told him last time otherwise i need refund. again the same result and again i called him as on 13/11 and what he said i never talked with you, i was surprised. i told him in brief then he told me that ok i will ask with my seniors for refund and call you back. but again same result no response. again i called him today-17/11 again what he said that i never talked to you, you must be talked with someone. i understand everything as they are not going to refund my amount. I told that i will contact with consumer forum they told that we are not afraid of them.

Arun Sharma
Krishnapur Taroliya PO PS New Town, Kolkata 700102, West Bengal
Email: arun.sharma250] / 17/11/2015 / 6:44 pm

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