On 29July2016 I have made booking for a Telugu Movie through BookMyShow(BMS) Application only to find my transaction failed and later, i tried for the booking second time.. to my shock, once again Amount has been Debited from my Bank Account but not Generated Confirmation of Ticket.

2days After, When i contacted BMS .. their agent informed me, Due to the Failure of HDFC payment gateway Ticket Not Generated AND CLAIMED “BMS” didn’t received Money from my Bank Account.

Later, When I reached out HDFC Bank they done Security Check with Me and Confirmed Money has been debited from My Account for BMS Booking.

After A day or two, I received an SMS from BMS informing me about Refund Issued against my TNID Case.

On the Same day after noticing the SMS, I have Re-approached BMS and their Agent after verifying BMS Payment Gateway Transactions Information… The Agent Officially Confirmed that, BMS has received My Money but due to Technical Issues the Transaction has been unsuccessful and Failed.

When I enquired them, (1) Why their First Agent provided me with Wrong Information? (2) Why it took so much time to confirm my TNID Case? (3) Why the Delay happened for extended time from them to Initiate the Process of Full Refund and (4) How they’re going to Compensate for the Inconvenience that caused to me??

Believe me or not, It left me more furious with an option that’s no way sufficient enough to accept as a measure that could at-least helps me to consider for resolvement of the Issue at firsthand and I was left with no other better option to resolve the case. I have been forced by their Deceptive, Arrogant Nature to File Sue in the Consumer Firm seeking Justice and Protection of My Rights as a consumer.

Gollapudi, Vijayawada 521225, Andhra Pradesh
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 05/08/2016 / 10:32 pm

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