I recently came to bangalore and i am a private employee. With Paisapay ID i bought a item using ICICI netbanking worth 1800(Approximately) indian rupees in ebay. After 13 days when i didn’t receive my order started calling ebay customer care then only they said it got missed or damaged. And i confirmed that i need my money back . They said from that date they will register the compliant and investigate and once they found the resolution they will give my money back. I was asked to wait for call back. I gave my friend working address and his number while ordering the item. And i called them from my mobile number that will end with xxxxx45982. Untill i called then they haven’t initiated the call back from their end. They initially said they will resolve with in 7 days and again they said it will be 20 working days minimum and when i called them third time they said no maximum time is there for resolution. I have strong objection that this was not showcased during purchase time by this website. They are blaming customers (me ) i haven’t read the terms and conditions. Once it is not delivered from their end or from courier side why they are not tracking the item whether it is delivered or not.
2. Untill we complaint them why there is no follow up with order.
3.Even directly we called them asked them i want my money back as goods are not delivered they saying that they will call back us and find the resolution. How many call backs they will do am not sure and what are the hurdles in the call back instead of dropping a mail in the first place.Atleast for available timings or informing to arrangements to meeting. What if we missed the call by staying in meeting or in rest room they simply say by giving missed call ,they try to reach us but we are not available. Why they are not dropping mail for severe complaints also in the first place.
4. Once the resolution is over they said it will take again 10 days to refund money. What are the committed timelines they are following .
5. They haven’t informed they order will not be tracked once it is place in the first place.Why they are informing customer as they have any malicious intent.
6. They are completely blaming on courier serivces in this case FEDEX and again again telling they have to investigate with them. After two successive calls from ebay to me for resolution now they are saying like it is in process and they dont know the exact status. How come the exact status is not reflecting and who is incharge of this investigation.
7. My Service request ID is 1-78471201973.

AMALAPURAM 533214, Andhra Pradesh
Email: rxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 04/07/2016 / 8:27 pm

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