I have a music system of ‘Creative’ brand which is about 3 years old. It had some technical problems so I took it to a nearby electronic shop for repairing. The shopkeeper was polite at our first meeting when I took my music player to his shop, he then checked it a bit and asked me to come after 2 to 3 days. Then I went to the shop after 3 days and asked about my system, the shopkeeper told me that it will take another 5 to 6 days as the problem with the system is serious and he’ll contact me when my system will be repaired. I wasn’t sure about this but he convinced me. Then, after around 1 week later, he called me and said that my system is repaired, I then visited his shop and he was handing over my system but I had asked to check it first in front of him and he started hesitating. But ultimately, I checked it and nothing at all was repaired in it and he was asking for Rs.650 for it’s repairing then I said that the music system is exactly in the same manner as I brought it their at his shop initially, he said that he had changed all the 4 buffers of my speakers as the older buffers were the problems of my music system. I replied that if they were the problems, then why is my music system still the same even after replacing them, but he didn’t listened to me. He told me to take the system with me and he’s there whenever any problem occurs. I wasn’t satisfied at all, then, as per his demand of Rs.650 for it’s repairing, I offered him Rs.500 and told him that my old buffers are with you now and also I will visit their for it’s further repairing. He said okay. Then, after around 15 days, I took my system to that shop again and seeing me there, the shopkeeper’s first question was: “Why are you here again?”, I was shocked by his statement. Then I told him that I was there for my system as mentioned it earlier that I’ll definitely visit again as I was not satisfied. He then without asking anything, grabbed my whole system and without checking it there, told me to come after 10 days as he was very busy repairing other systems. I said okay. Then after 10 days, when I visited that shop again, my music system was not even touched even a single time by them, and the shopkeeper again told me to come after another 5 to 6 day. I got very furious at that moment but without arguing about anything, I requested him to complete the repair work in that week. He just said that he’ll see what he can do in an avoiding manner and asked me to leave his shop now. Finally, after a week, I visited the shop again and I had decided this time that I will take my music system anyhow and the music system was still there lying there in the corner of that shop without even being touched, I then asked him to give my music system back, he then refused to hand it over to me, I was devastated by his informal behaviour towards his customer. After sometime, he abused me, disrespected me and started pushing me out of his shop in front of the whole crowd. I was devastated and then he handed me my music system which was in an even worse condition. I asked for my old original buffers and he said he don’t have anything related to me and he threw my old original buffers out. I was helpless. He didn’t even returned my amount back. I was mentally harassed. He molested me verbally.

Krishna Raj
Pandav Nagar, New Delhi 110092
Email: krishnarajsingh9211]@gmail.com / 30/10/2015 / 12:58 am

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