I am an Air Force veteran drawing my monthly pension. I am staying in pune and my pension account lies in SBI Bund Garden Road branch in Pune. I retired in Year 1995 and as per policy and my requirement i commuted approx half of my pay i.e, amount of Rs 310 as pension commutation and agreed to draw Rs 380 as my pension. I wish to inform that the commutation can be only done for 15 Years. So my pension which at that time was Rs 380 got enhanced throug various govt policies as well as inflation rates and presently i m drawing Rs 6223 as my pension. This Rs 6223 is for half the amount only i.e, Rs 380 and Not 310. The commutation ended in the year 2010 and my original full pension was supposed to resume , which has not yet resumed. On contacting my previous employers they told me thet the payment disbursing authority will do it automatically. The SBI has not done it yet and i suspect foul play. My pension which would have enhanced since 2010 has not been given in right fashion neither any arrears given. I have contacted and written numerous occasions but to no avail. I m harrased every month since 2010 i.e, for last 72 months while asking my due pension. Plz sort out my issue as my meagre pension is the only source of my income. I doubt that the bank is willfully sleeping over this issue and many others are also affected. I am attacing copies of correspondence that have been done and copy of my last payslip. Please do something to resolve my case.

Manmohan Jha
Lohgaon, Pune 411032, Maharashtra
Email: txxxxxxa@gmail.com / 01/06/2016 / 4:57 pm

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