With due respect i like to state that last four months I am following up for my rectified cheque for exise refund from maruti, as the cheque sent by maruti for excise refund cheque no-113952 of HDFC bank amt-18696.01 got bounced twice due to sign mismatch and the same is taken back to Mr. Rxxxxxxxa Jxxa owner of Premere car world, who after calling us to his office was not present and even after lot of harasment rudely directed us by his office staff to maruti regional office kolkata as he gave us the cheque of maruti exice refund. As he directed us to regional office of maruti in camac street kolkata. We at a very odd condition on that same day as I have to carry my sick son of 2 years with us because theirs no one to take care off him, by any condition we reached to maruti office kolkata, and there we told every thing to Mr. SA. Kxxn who use to look after this issues and we handed over the original cheque to him and in return he gave us a receiving in the photocopy of the cheque, after that we had been following Mr. SA. Kxxxn of maruti regional office and Mr. Rxxxxxa Jxxa of premere car world to get our cheque but still we have not received and even both of the above persons are very reluctant regarding this issue and even when asked the get angry, and says they dont know when, we will receive our cheque. Day by day we are harashed by this two people, even we have launched a complain in maruti customer care regarding our cheque issue , whose one copy has been attached and even we have complained regarding this two people also but there is no resolve still now. Please help us to get our cheque, for out of so much hardship of life, we are being harashed day by day by maruti and these above concerned persons of maruti.

Sreya Talukdar
Kolkata-700005, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxs@gmail.com / 22/03/2016 / 12:40 pm

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