Complaint regarding fake advertising by Airtel for Iphone

I had purchased a IPhone in EMI option by paying Rs.9500, and pay Rs.2500/- every month for 24 months, I was told that i’ll be getting free accidental protection by the representative who promoted me the offer and also in the summary, after i made my payment. Since it was offered for free, i believed that it is included with the Plan i chose. thats how it seemed in their website summary after i purchased, attached reference Document 1 (Refer Document 1, it is mentioned unlimited calling, 40 GB data and free accidental protection) Now when my phone has a accidental damage and the phone screen is unusable airtel is asking me to subscribe to protection plan and also use the phone which is broken to claim the insurance. Which I feel is very unfair, it was not even mentioned once by the representatives that besides paying my EMI, i have to manually subscribe to a service which i was made to believe i was already subscribed. I feel this is intentionally done to fool people into not opting for it, so when the consumer has to claim, they can say this reason and cheat them.

Nicholas Francis
Domlur, Bangalore 560071, Karnataka

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