Complaint regarding fake data entry job and money lost

I am a citizen of India living in the city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. I had been searching for data entry jobs on internet and I had registered my name in quickr jobs website. On september 14,2018 , I got an email from a company namely “Working Hand” which says itself to be a data entry job provider company under Phoenix Entry solution. I copied the cellphone number provided in the website and made a phone call. A female received the call.Her name was Nxxxa vxxxxxa(As mentioned in the website). But before I could say anything she ended the call. So I messaged her on whatsapp. Soon after she received the message she sent me a message in which the details of the typing work was mentioned.After that I tried to ring her for further details but the lady used to avoid talking on phone. She used to speak irrelevant answers to my questions and didn’t even used to talk for more than 20 seconds. When I asked her about her designation in the company she refused to answer and said that she cannot reveal her position in the company. Since this was my first encounter, I couldn’t recognise the con woman and chose one of the packages mentioned by her in the whatsapp message and made payment through paytm(I am going to attach the screenshot of the paytm transaction as a proof). She asked me in text to send the screenshot of the the paytm transaction and the photo of my aadhar. Then she sent a form in which there was no mention of the company’s name.(I will attach the copy of form as well).After making the payment, I filled the form and sent it to her yesterday on 16th September,2018. She promised to send me the details the next day .The next day after many failed attempts of communication I finally received the pdf file in which there was no clear mention of how to retype the content. She just told me in text to type 70 pages in 8 days and send it to her but she didn’t give any email id where the retyped content could have been sent. Today after researching about the company, when I was convinced that this is a scam I texted the lady and asked her to return my money. But she has switched off her cellphone and neither she is giving any response on whatsapp.I want my money back from this conwoman. I need my money back.The link to the website is–“”. So I plead for help and I’ll be highly obliged if my complaint is considered by the authorities.
Thank You

Prakhar Srivastava
Jharkhand, Ranchi 834001, Jharkhand

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