Complaint regarding fake form filling job

On 25th of September I received call of pxxxxi Sxxxxxh regarding form filling work she give me offer to fill 1500 forms in just 15 days I said OK to him then she ask my adhaar card I given to him and he sent me agreement to fill 1500 forms in 15 days and we give you 24 rs for each only if correct forms is above 1300 if not correct you will give us 5240 rs as registration fee but when I see form it is almost impossible to fill all forms in such time with accuracy for students because they take almost 5 minutes form 1 form then I asked to cancel the aggregate because I can’t do this job not so much extra time so they said me give our charge and your job will cancelled company name is Mt technologies. help me

Mandeep Kumar
District hisar, Narnaund 125039, Haryana

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