Complaint regarding fake job offers

I got a call from no +91-96xxxxxx6 and they introduced themselves as a recruiters who provide job solution to the seekers. The termed their company as FindsCareers having registered website as They further asked to send few documents like Pan Card, Resume, Current salary slip etc for forwarding the documents to a company where immediate openings was required.

They Saud to have immediate openings for me and asked me to pay 3398 for signup as One time fee. I got a call from another no +91-96xxxxxxx3 and introduced himself as senior person from the same company asked to pay 7567 as document verification charges. Again I received a call from the first contact number(here they transfer a call internally each other) now they were going to transfer the call to senior level to tell me about the openings and interview schedule with client. (Now before you go ahead again you need to pay for it, and it would cost 14619).

They have had sent me the invoice which has no address of the office on the letter-head. I foud there is some fishy thing is going on. I got call from one of the support associate name called Axxxxa _91-7xxxxxx7 saying your service is not active yet. send us a response to activate your services. I said, I do not want to activate my services, please refund my money. He was agree in the first instance. Then, I guess the guy discussed intenally and was trying to convince me, but i was not agreed and request these guys to refund my money asap as i havent’t activated my services. Then again i got a call and told me that we are not going to give you money back, do whatever you want. (the person was speaking to o harshly).

And again Bing..!! I got a call from Rxxxxl +919xxxxxxx6 (who was going to schedule my interview. Again he was asking for the money to schedule the inetrview , I replied , I have already requested to refund. He replied I will pay from my pocket and once you complated the interview , you can transfer the money. He even schdule an interview company called SAP. Have applied for the international customer and got a call from India number(this was too quick..!!) and took and interview _91-9xxxxxxx5 (saying .. we are taking your interview from India first then next round would be from Client site Dubai). The interviewer asking me questions (He even don’t no what he was asking. He must googled some questions and randomly asked). and think what. They selected me. (second round of interview never happened).

Immediately, got a call from Rxxxxl +91-96xxxxxx6 and sking me to transfer money to the bank account and send me the bank bank details in seperate email. (the mails from gmail Ids not from official one).

Again I said, I have already dropped an email and had a chat with support department to refund my money back. Why are you doing such things and stop manipulating me .. and then at some point of time they were not able to listen my voice there were no constructive reply. Now they stopped calling me .. and did not refund m y money yet.

Please help..!!

Hiten Mahadev Sawant

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    • Hiten on 23/08/2018 at 5:11 am

    Thank you for your help..!!

    Because of your guidance and prompt action, I got the full refund back.

    With all respect I am really thankful once again to ICF for resolving my complaint.

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