Sir, I got call from jobs team.The one who talked with me was Cxxxxn Kxxxxr Sxxxh. They said that there is openings in Tatamotors pvt ltd so you want a job in that organization. I said yes they asked to pay 1438 for that I said yes and they told go to the jobsdhamka site and register your username and password. After that I paid the money 1438 from my friend by using debit card. After that they said you have to pay 2000 for profile verification I believed them and paid 2000 after that they asked me to pay 6500 for jobs I paid that money. Again they asked me pay 6700 for Tata motors pvt company. I foolishly believed them and paid that money. Before every transaction they said that this is your last payment after that you don’t need to pay any thing we will guarantee 110% you will get the job in Tata motors pvt ltd. These all transactions are done on 14-10-2014, After all of these payments they said we will verify your profile you send me your Course completion certificate, Photo and Id proof to I forwarded my details to them. After that day every day I called to the jobs dhamaka customer care and asked about my process. Cxxxxn Kxxxxr Sxxxxh said that your profile verification is going on after 3 days I will call you back you don’t worry we will get your job. After 3 days he called me and said your profile verification is done and your process going on and you have to pay 10,500 for joining the company which is a refundable amount you need pay right now. I am from a poor family my father is collie. I said I don’t have the money, he said this is your last chance if you pay this you are going join the organization by 1st November. I said I don’t have the money right now he said you have to pay the money otherwise we cannot do anything. I asked for proof that give me my call letter then I will pay the money and also asked for any proof that I am going for this company. Send me proof to my mail I already a paid user so I asked to send it to me. He said that customer details and company details are not sent to anybody. I requested him I don’t have the money give me some time. He said I will talk to my senior.

After that he called me you have time for Monday. Monday you have to pay 10,500. I requested my father to give money, he asked me is this all about you know everything I foolishly said yes and he gave me 20,000. On Monday he called me and saying that you have to pay 10,500 and which not refundable. I asked him to first you said this amount is refundable and now you are saying it is not refundable. He said I never said it is refundable. Sir I recorded your call you said this money is refundable. Again he is saying that this is hidden job opportunity so the money is not refundable after this payment I will send you all conformations to your mail. My friends also told me to don’t pay the money. But I am an idiot. I paid that money. But this time the payment is done in the name of Himanshu Jindal not by my name. After the payment again she asked me that there is an incomplete in your profile so you have to pay another 2809. I asked her how much I have to pay every time you are saying this is the last payment again you are asking for the money. This is the last payment if any one asks for another I will give from my pocket. I blindly paid 2809.

In all the payments I received only payment conformations but I didn’t get any call letter I asked her I didn’t receive any call letter she said Mr Cxxxxn Kxxxxr Sxxxxxh will tell you everything. By the 1st of November you will join the organization in Hyderabad.This payment is done on 20-10-2014. After that he called me and said that your process completed I already spoken with the company HR you will join on 1st November. But there is Diwali and company holiday I will call you after 4 days. After 4 days I called him he is saying that I already told you you have to pay 10,500. I said that I already paid 14,000. He said I will check and said yes I forgot.Your process is going on I will send your call letter after 2days. Today he called and asking to another 10,500 for 5 years job guarantee in the organization means no one dismiss me for 5 years. I said that I don’t have the money. My fathers annual income is 30000. You are asking me to pay another 10,500 for that I have to rob the bank or you have sell me anywhere. She is saying that your profile is completed 90%.  I said that to complete 10% I have to pay 10,500. I said I don’t have the money already I paid 31,000 again you are asking for another 10,500. I don’t have the money. She is saying that after paying 10,500 only your process goes on other wise nothing. I said her that I don’t want your job just give me my money. She is saying that the money not refundable. Then give me my job. She is saying you have to complete your procedure. I said I don’t have the money you just give me my job or my money otherwise I will go for police and court. She is saying no one do any thing you just lose the money. I will die if don’t get my money back. For every transaction I have the proof and also recorded conversation. So please help me to get my money. Please..

Anand Kuruva
Contact No. 8500685218 / 27/10/2014 / 2:02 pm

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