I was using Standard Chartered credit card, but because of ill health & busy time I wasn’t able to repay them on time. Meanwhile bank’s recovery agents visited my home & collected some amount of money at that point of time. My credit card limit was 25K & I spent 24K but after few months bank claimed that I have to pay 47K as credit card repayment & my credit card was blocked that time. TIll date I have paid (14K +29.4K) 43.5K & 5K through bank account & 2K through cash, around 50K as a whole.

After paying such a huge amount, I thought my account is settled with the bank. So I applied for another card with some other bank. Then I came to know about my CIBIL score was poor and was not updated. I called the bank they told me still 4K is pending with them.

My level of frustration has crossed now. So I need immediate assistance on the following matter:
How to resolve this issue ?
Can I go legal against the Bank & every body associated to that eco system ?

Waiting for your valuable response.

Harish Goswami
Bangalore 560074, Karnataka
Email: hxxxxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 04/05/2016 / 1:17 pm

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