I have recently purchased a Motorola Moto Z play from Flipkart at Rs 21,000 + 4000(Google Nexus Exchange offer). Its a dual sim phone and contains a dual sim tray. When I put the sim inside the tray(the sim fit perfectly in the slot), the phone din’t detect the sim and when I tried to pull the sim out and tried in various other places, even then the sim wasn’t detected. I took the phone to Motorola Service Center and they said that its a physical damage caused to the phone by me. Motorola’s products are so poor that the sim slot gets damaged by a perfectly fitting nano sim. They said they cannot offer any service and would rather have me purchase a complete new motherboard which costs greater than Rs 15000. They are cheating me here and are just concerned with money making. They manufacture poor quality products and due to a small damage, now they want me to change the entire motherboard that too at greater than half the cost. This has harassed me a lot and I need to get over it quickly. Even Flipkart isn’t replacing the phone saying its my fault. Their customer care aren’t helping at all and just says that this doesn’t fall under their terms and conditions. Please redress and look into my issue. Flipkart’s services are really questionable because they donot care about anything. They sell faulty devices and now wont take responsibility for it. I am seriously angry over the entire issue.

Debarshi Dutta
Hyderabad 500032, andhra Pradesh
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 27/12/2016 / 1:24 pm

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