Complaint regarding Food Panda order

I placed an order today as of 27th September 2018 at Big Daddy’s Kondhwa Pune. After an hour, while the order was still showing as preparing in the app, I thought something is wrong yet again (had a similar experience before). So I called up the Restaurant to enquire about the status and they told me they are not accepting any orders from Foodpanda and have switched off their app as they had some internal conflict and foodpanda delivery guys were on strike or something like that. What surprised me more is that he told me to order again from Zomato or Swiggy if I want my order delivered even though I already paid.
Now my question to you Foodpanda is why do you want to toy around with people’s hunger late at night? If you did not have the competency to deliver the order, you should have shut down the restaurant, your app or even your business. But why would you deliberately boil out money from customers on orders you cannot fulfil and while your idiotic chat support takes 10,minutes to write that they need 2-3 more minutes to investigate and ultimately arrive to a conclusion that you will refund my money in 10 days? Are you kidding me? That is very unprofessional as well as unethical. This is probably my last order on foodpanda. You’ve definitely lost more than one customers today.

Rohit Pawar
Undri, Pune 411028, Maharashtra

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