Complaint regarding fraud transaction on credit card

There was a credit card fraud transaction that happened on 31st January, 2018 and I got a PIN informing of a transaction of US $ 543.16 which was equivalent to 34794.08 that took place at approximately 11:30AM. The moment I received the OTP I called up the customer care and asked them to stop the transaction as I had not done the transaction. In less than 5 minutes while I was on call with the customer care associate. I got another transaction that the payment had gone through. I asked the associate as to how the transaction went through without an OTP I was informed that for international transaction NO OTP is required. I was asked to write mails to the dispute department which I did. On seeking an explanation for the kind of investigation that was done I did not get any conclusive reply. i asked them why I was not included in this investigation or why no details were asked for, the disputes department lady did not have any answer. I am attaching the mails exchanged with SBI card chargeback teamSince I always made payments on time they kept sending me bills for this amount and I kept paying the minimum balance. I decided not pay for the last month and they have been making calls everyday and have been harassing me to make the payment. This is too much as per the RBI guidelines As customer I informed the bank instantly about the fraud and they did not take any action to stop the transaction from going through therefore this not my liability and I will not pay. I am also attaching the mails that I have exchanged with the bank

Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh

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