I had taken a G Broadband internet connection from Mr Mxxxxn, G Broadband, #2, 1st Floor, Vishnuvardhana circle, jambusavari dinne, J P Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore – 560078. For the past two months i had intermittent internet connection. But some sort of internet connection was there. There were lot of powercuts near my house and did not have internet connection during this time. But he never mentioned about this in beginning. I somehow managed it. But for last 10 days he has stopped servicing my house. I no longer have internet connection. There is a issue with my connection & he is not ready to fix it. He had taken a 6 month rent in advance. Now only 2 months into the connection, he is no longer interested in fixing my issue. He keeps dodging my calls & is not fixing the issue. He is not returning the money collected for 6 months.

Vishwesh M R
Brokes Haven, J P Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Email: vishweshmr]@gmail.com / 01/11/2015 / 5:22 pm

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