After 7 years of using Adani Gas connection for our Kitchen and 2 Gas Geysers, just 2 days back, all of a sudden some people from Adani came and told us that the Gas Geysers connection is illegal since it has a “T” installed for distribution of gas between the two Gas Geysers. When they were informed that all the piping and installation was done by Adani installation team only 7 years back, first they were adamant and did not even agree that this can be done by an Adani employee. After sometime we were asked to provide the name and numbers of the people who did this installation 7 years back and if we cannot provide this means that this illegal connection was done by us. And for this, there can be a penalty of 2,000 to 3,000. That too, for the work done by their employees only who never told us that this was illegal. This is besides the fact that none of their inspection teams realized till 7 years that this was an illegal connection. More so, they never even realized that this was a safety risk which could have caused a mishap some day taking the lives of my entire family.

And their behavior was extremely unprofessional and rude event to the female members of the house who initially interacted with them before I rushed home after leaving all office work aside.

After a lot of arguments, we were told that this is a safety risk and therefore it should be rectified asap. Considering this, we agreed to get it rectified and asked for a solution. Their solution that that today (on a winter saturday), they would cut the connection, I should then go to the nearest Adani centre and fill-up an application and make payment. Once payment is received, Adani team will come & do the installation. Which means, my family will be left stranded without a working gas geyser for 5-6 days in the cold December winter. Therefore, i did not allow disconnection.

After this they went away and a new team came back in the evening. They understood the point and said that disconnection will not be done but we must complete the procedures on Monday and there will be no penalty.

Today when we go to the centre, we are told that whatever the onground staff says is not valid, what is seen in the system is valid and charges will be as per that only which means a penalty of 1,000 and the connection charges of Rs. 2,875 for getting a new connection point (not a completely new connection with new piping). This new connection point hardly required 6-12 inch of piping since both the gas geysers are installed side-by-side. But for some reason, Adani Gas is hell bent on not listening to anything and charging me Rs. 1,000 for no fault of ours and Rs. 2,875 for a new piping of 6-12 inches and connection point.

Akshat Khokhani
Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007, Gujarat
Email: / 26/12/2016 / 12:37 pm

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