The company -(THE GOLDEN TRIPS) before booking i asked him to send me an itinerary, which he did, which had 3 hotels(orange village resort, golden shanghrila and sikkim regency) and cars in option (fortuner, xuv, scorpio, sumo,bolero, xylo,innova). I told him send me a different itinerary with better hotels or just give me orange village resort in gangtok and summit yashshree in dargeeling and Toyota fortuner only than I will take the package. That time he said no problem we will give you orange village resort in gangtok and summit yashshree suite and spa in dargeeling and my tour car will be Toyota fortuner in the package of 34000 5nights 6days (4 adults) because 27th November-2nd December is an off season, so rooms in 3 star hotels are cheaper infact i crossed checked on make my trip all the hotel’s it was actually half the rate from the peak season. so it was possible. that time he told me send us the booking amount I will send you new itinerary i was happy with what he had promised so I deposited check in the name of GOLDEN TRIPS in their account in axis bank. after I paid 15000 rupees in advance. he stopped answering my calls I got worried kept calling them for a week and it was only a day to go for my trip. with no hotel vouchers and details of my trip arrangement. on 26th night I kept calling them on my way to shiliguri no body answered that time.. then i sent them a text message that im on my way to shiliguri and nobody is answering my call i dont know where to go and i have been waiting for their reply for past 6-7days. Finally i get a message that a driver named ajit will pic us from siliguri. When we reached there the driver ajit appointed some other driver to take us to gangtok in a sumo car and started asking for 10000rs to take us to gangtok. when we asked for a receipt he wasn’t ready to give, so he let the driver take us.

1st fraud begin) (we were promised Toyota fortuner but we’re taken in a sumo)it had no ac and plus the driver dropped us mid way we had to take a separate taxi and pay from my pocket
2) they promised orange village resort(3starhotel cost 3500/night) but forced us to go to sikkim regency(1star 500-1000/pernight)
3)we went there but the building looked empty no concierge and receptionist were there to welcome us we couldn’t see the rooms..that time when I called the agent told him about my situation he started talking to me very rudely..he said I will have to stay there only and pay 10000 rs that time if I want to continue taking the tour he wasn’t understanding what I was trying to say. That time I was already disappointed hence I told him I don’t want to continue the tour with them as my vacation had started getting ruined and stressful because of their unprofessionalism. so i told them give me services of the money I paid them(15000) or cancel my booking and give my money back. he started mocking me and using bad voice tone and told me now I have to suffer due to i made him wait for booking money in the past(i dint know in what context he was talking to me)and that they will return my money in their own leisure time…(no professional time limit given which meant they are frauds who promise something and give something else and are con company “red flag beware”) which was extremely awful and sad and spoiled my vacation totally. dint expect this to happen.

I was extremely unhappy..wasn’t in the mood to take a tour..we were on the roads looking for a hotel to stay..I was on my vacation expected to have the best time with my old retired parents and treat them with staying at good hotels as promised but all I was doing was trying to coordinate with stupid unprofessional people and spoil my vacation and also got conned for 15000 rs…as later they refused to give my money back and said do whatever you want to do..if you want we will send a complimentary car for police complaint….the kind of odacity they had while talking to us … I was shocked people go for vacations to be stress free but it had become the worst time of my life..never had this experience ever before..I have travelled a lot with agencies like make my trip and local tours but this was a nightmare.”THE GOLDEN TRIPS” THEY ALSO HAVE A FAKE WEBSITE, FAKE OFFICE.

Rav Palit
Lokhandwala Andheri, Mumbai 400053, Maharashtra
Email: ravinapalit99] / 16/12/2015 / 4:21 am

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