I had placed an order for Gurana Fat Burner from Fit and Perfect Pvt. Ltd. 111, Belquis Street, Muthailpet, Pondicherry 605003 through a postal oder on 14/1/2015 and the product price was Rs. 5250/- the product was purchased under invoice number 23979, for my wife for a weight loss plan of 10-20kgs, however after consuming the product there has been no significant change in terms of weight loss.

The fit and perfect customer service personnel who seem to operate under various pesudo names such as Snigda, Geeta, Mageshwari, Deepa, Nita, Uma keep assuring me that a full refund will be made if the product does not give the desired results, I have been calling the customer service on the land line 0413-2235311 and they have been directing me to call up an redundant, non responsive and switched off mobile number to get my refunds process the number is 09789539185.

I have been following up with them for my refunds since february 2015, adn the refunds department has practically no access at all including email. No one from the customer service is ready to take my cause forward. I would be grateful if you can help me to process my refunds and get back my hard earned money.

Venan Dias
H.NO 679, BAIRO PALMAR FORO CUPA,Santo Estevam, Ilhas, Goa 403106
Email: venan17@hotmail.com / 04/06/2015 / 8:07 pm

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  1. I have ordered the Fat Cutter. As per TV channel add showing on Filmy Channel stomach should reduced 4 to 5 inch in 15 days even I was started to eat one time in a day but still my stomach doesn’t show up. Now I am calling them to make the complaint but they block my phone number and no one answer the phone. I would appreciate if you could take my complaint against the product they are selling through TV channel

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