Two Sales men from Hathway came and booked two Hathway connections at above mentioned address at Nagole. This area was initially not covered but they said they have taken special approval for us and installing two connections and collected two cheques amounting Rs.2230/- each bearing a Receipt numbers 1) HYDISP/511037, 2) HYDISP/511038 on 27th-Feb-2016. They promised an installation with free Wifi Modem within 24hrs and we tried calling both these people several times they refused answer the calls half of the time and when they accidentally picked up when we tried using different numbers they say it will happen by that day end. Mr.Kxxxa once says he was out of station and then later says he changed to a different department so cant do much about it. Mr.Nxxxxh gets wild on us when we called him and when insisted puts us to his team leader/team manager and when we spoke to him this Nxxxxxxh abuses us asking us to speak softly, however this so called manager and Teamleader also bought time of 24 hrs several times and countless 24 hrs passed by with no installation nor a status update nor refund. We spoke to Customer care/ call center several times with more than 6-7 people who always assured closure by End of the day and that end never came in.

One of the most disgusting ISP with irresponsible and non customer centric rude staff that we have ever come across. We would never ever recommend Hathway ever to anyone. Appealing to Consumer forum for their kind help in helping us demand hathway to pay interest to our money that paid on 27th-Feb-2016 for every day and refund the amount immediately.

Jagannathachary Bollepally
Nagole/Hyderaba 500068, Telangana
Email: / 19/04/2016 / 6:40 pm

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