Complaint regarding HDFC loan closure charges

HDFC Bank charging extra 9000 for full closure of personal loan. Already they have clause of 12 month no repayment & immediately after 13 months thy are charing 4% on outstanding loan amount if one wants to close the loan..while taking the loan i was only informed that after 12 emis i can close the loan without any charges & this clause wasnt informed while taking the loan..i m having salary account, credit card, home & personal loan of hdfc and still they are using this tricks to extract more money after already receiving Rs. 28500 interest for 12 emis. NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH THIS & IF NOT RESOLVED I WILL ALSO SURRENDER THE CREDIT CARD & OPT FOR OTHER BANKS CARD.

Vibha Wanivadekar
Thane 400604, Maharashtra

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