I purchased HTC desire 820 mobile phone on 18th January, 2015 from flipkart. within few days of its purchase it was giving me issues such as heating up while having a call of just 2 minutes with data-off. it was heating so much with less utilization that I used headphone for small telephonic conversation (It used to get heat up as iron, i feared it wil get blast). So in the couple of months of purchased i submitted it for servicing in HTC service center (Camp area in Pune ). I got it back after 10 days with no major improvement in its nature.

In the end of November its lower speaker and microphone started giving me trouble. (Lower speaker was completely off and loose contact in microphone ) microphone turned off in first week of December. As am working in MNC in Pune i scheduled the date for servicing on coming Saturday i.e. 12th December,2015. But on Wednesday 9th December,2015 its display got off and i was not able to see any thing on its screen though phone was on. I submitted the phone for the second time to its service center (Millennium Plaza, Shivaji nagar Pune ) as everything was under warranty period it was done free of cost. I received the phone on 23rd December, 2015. while receiving phone the memory card and sim was inserted by service center employee on request of mine. But on the very second day after its servicing its white colored strip on front camera and speaker was getting up and also the memory card was getting pop out automatically. which was not a safe practice for using memory card as it could corrupt it. when i saw carefully i noticed that memory card slot of the phone is having issue as it could not acomodate the memory card properly and also some cracks were visible on the blue strip of the display. when i requested the service center employees they are refusing me to tell the process for replacement and are telling that it cannot be replaced even if the phone is in warranty.

According to me–
1. ) if a phone is remaining for 30 days in service center then there is no use.
2.) 3 times in service center within 1 year with problem unresolved, specifies that there must be something wrong in the product.
3.) now the product is damaged by the service center employees itself.
4. its good that the product is warranty/replacement period but once the warranty will get over (18th Jan,2016), the employees will not entertain ever for their mistake.

I kindly request you to look into the matter as the customer care representative as well as the service center employees are not telling the process of replacement and the reason for refusing its replacement in its warranty/warranty period.

Ruchir Mahajan
Pune 411007
Email: mxxxxxxxxxn@gmail.com / 29/12/2015 / 3:40 pm

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