I bought HTC One a9 from Rajesh Telecom, sec-8, rohini and gave it to Omkar Service Center, Vishram Chowk, Sec-6, rohini on July 19,2016 and my ticket number is 216303356003759, job number is DEL026-0013563. I was told that I will get it back in four days but after asking on the fourth day I was told that my phone has not been repaired yet and since then they are extending the date again and again and not providing me with a proper date on which they will return my device. I was also told in between that my device has been repaired and I will get it back in two days but when asked after two days I was told that it still has to be repaired. The back part had to be changed because the colour from the back started to peel off and the device was barely month or month and a half old. All my important contacts are in the device which is required by me and I have been in loss because of it. I have been calling the customer care executive over and over again but I always get the same response that we can’t give you a particular date we have to import the part from outside the country so you have to wait. An online delivery take a week but this big company is not able to get a part here in three weeks. I also wrote an email to their CEO and Indian head and it was ignored. I even asked them to swap my phone at first they ignored and said we don’t have the part rite now and we have no idea how much time it will talk so you have to wait and at the second time when I asked them to swap my phone they said we can’t do it as we don’t have your old device. It has been really annoying as they are not giving me a proper answer and I can’t even track down the progress on their website. Their customer care executives are trained to not answer people properly or in a concrete manner. The service being provided is really poor. Even after spending 30K I still have to use a bored device from my friend because of the poor service and inability of the company to provide a good customer service. They have been making me dance between the service center and customer care center from past three weeks. Hope this complaint will help me get back my device.

Shivam Arora
Rohini, New Delhi 110085
Email: axxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com / 08/08/2016 / 11:16 pm

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