Phone fault : Ringtone and speaker weren’t working.(Mobile is under warranty period). Work order no : HU15-A272-11-000035

It’s been two months since I gave my mobile for service and am yet recieve my mobile. Whenever I called them they asked me to wait as the service is under process. I waited for a month with total patience.

I visited their centre 4-5 times as my repeated calls to them were unanswered. All they said is to wait as the mobile is in Huawei office.

Three weeks back I posted a complaint at Huawei care (1800-209 6555) stating my problem. They registered my complaint and gave a complaint no : 1690 8588. They asked me to wait for 24 working hours for a call from them. I waited about a week but didn’t get any call from their side.

When I called back they asked me to wait for 24 working hours. With so much frustration I called the service centre in chennai to get a positive response. But all in vain. They asked me to wait for their call. As usual I didn’t get any call from their side !!

Three days back I called Huawei care and they said my mobile is been dispatched from their office and all I have to do is to wait for the call from the service centre.

As I didn’t get any call from them I called the service centre guy to know the status. He said my mobile has been dispatched but He is yet to recieve my mobile. He said He will call back once he gets it. And I am yet to get a call..

Extremely dissatisfied with HUAWEI SERVICE. Been through so much stress for the past two months because of their response. All I want from them is to return my mobile as early as possible.

I plead you to take necessary actions against such service centres who play with the emotions of people.

For the people who can afford to buy another phone it’s not a problem. But what about those who rely on only one phone ??

With the steps you take I hope No one will face the same problem as mine in future.

Mohammed Abdul Azeez
Chennai 6000 016, Tamil Nadu
Email: fxxxxxxxxxw9@gmail.com / 02/01/2016 / 1:33 pm

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