I had purchased an Iberry Auxus One at the end of December from eBay where it was being officially sold. Within a few days of receiving it the phone started having an unresponsive touch screen which resolved on its own within a week or two. In 2nd week of August i dropped the phone from my bed after which it did not turn on or charge . I placed a complaint ticket at the Iberry support and gave my phone to its service center . After 3 to 4 days the phone was sent back to the service center and i went to collect it. I tried to check if everything was working fine or not but the phone had been completely drained of battery and there was not a single charger in the service center . Iberry has a service center that lacks basic things . Luckily i had a USB cable with me which i connected to their PC and test the phone . The phone showed it was charging but even after 10 minutes it’s battery was too low to turn on . So , i came back and tried charging it through my charger . It didn’t charge through mine or any one else’s charger . I called the Iberry support and complained about this to which i got the reply to update the firmware . How exactly am i supposed to do that if the phone isn’t even turning on ? I sent the phone back to the service center and was told to wait 12 days at-least . I received no response from them even after 2 weeks so i messaged in the complaint ticket to update me on the status of my phone. After 3 days i was replied that my phone’s motherboard was broken and it was still waiting for repair parts as the company was delaying the production of motherboards. They told me to wait 12 to 15 days for the repairs to which i patiently waited. Even after 2 weeks of waiting i got the response that the motherboard was not available . This is still the case as of 10th November 2015 . I have been asking to be put in touch with their executives to which they again ask me to wait . I have been wandering without a phone for 4 months now and have become fed up of the service they provide . I haven’t received any response to my question asking if Iberry is incapable of reparing my phone .

Rohail Bootwalla
Ayappa mandir marg, vasai road 401202, Maharashtra
Email: rohail007.rb]@gmail.com / 10/11/2015 / 3:09 pm

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