Complaint regarding inflated bill from Vodafone

This issue with Vodafone is ongoing with Vodafone not submitting bills once again and more so since Sept this year and with an amount of 82,386 now popping up on my hdfc bank bill pay app section. This an inacceptable amount when my billing has varied between 647 (Mar’16) – 1581(Apr’16) -1881 (May’16) -1745 (Jul’16) to 14835? in Jun’16. These figures too are erratic but there is also no way to measure months between July to Dec as no bills were submitted. What is inexplicable is the fact that when I use Aritel for WIFI how are even these charges so high?

Request for proof how billing is arrived at and how the kbs is calculated and how it varies month on month to show such a big leap in costs in may/jun and sept presumably when i used local free WIFI in the US (May 15- Jun 3rd) and Dubai (Aug 17-20 ) , is unfortunately not forthcoming from Vodafone.

Kindly see trail emails copied here which show no reply from Vodafone for long periods. And when they do, no clarity or clarifcation given with supporting bill details as to how the charges per month were arrived at. Even the last reply on the 27th again cites a wrong land line number thru which Vodafone claims to have tried to reach me. This, after stating clearly that the landline number is not mine. But there is no attempt to correct that, nor to send me email statements nor clarify any point with relevant proof.

If you see the usage per month, it is a amount much under Rs.1900 as reflected in a band shared by Vodafone on 16th Aug’16 after repeated reminders.

No reply thereafter, for clarity on why such high billing when GPRS was NOT used and local free WIF was used when travelling to the US and Dubai.

Nor did the Appellate authority nor ap.trai respond. Have attached full email correspondences with vodafone, its appellate authority and trai , in the attached word doc file
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Sarita Hegde Roy
Bangalore 560064, Karnataka
Email: / 28/12/2016 / 11:46 pm

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