Complaint regarding interest rates by Bajaj Finserv

I applied for home loan from Bajaj Finserv as I was getting offers from them saying I am eligible for a loan ar ROI 8.30%. Applied and the loan manager confirmed it was approved at that rate. He also offered a top up loan @ 9.00%. I clearly mentioned I need loan for just 6 years or 5 years.

But when loan was approved, it was approved at 8.35% for 7 years. I contacted them immediately to get this sorted and they are taking too much of time to fix it.They are telling me to pay first EMI on 5/5/18 and then they will change. I honestly dont trust them also, delaying so much only result in paying more interest for these many days. Also they are saying loan was not available @ 8.30%.

Top up loan is issue in 2 parts and two EMI, 2 EMI dates. This is all confusing. They should have made it simply 2 EMI. Now I have 3 EMI. Also, rate of interest i changed from 9.00% to 9.25% even before first EMI paid without any prior information. Also, only half the loan amount is issued. I just dont need all this complication and we can just cancel the loan but the agents are saying we cant cancel the loan. This is their convenience forced on me. I need resolution as I am really stressed out as I feel cheated.

James John
Mysore 570028, Karnataka

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