I am very disappointed with the bad/no services provided by Capitalvia global research services , Indore. I feel like I was harassed and I demand my repayment of my money.

April 2015-Initially I was subscribed to rs 11000 for one month in cash intraday with the person named Pxxxxxl and i was given good service with daily followup calls for a week(Though I made losses).

May 2015- However I was told to extend my services to rs 45000(Stock cash plus), for premium intraday calls, and I did as per suggestions. But I was disappointed that no such calls were provided. And no difference between premium and normal calls(All led to losses).

June 2015- After somedays, I was assigned to Axxxxxa, from another department, she told me to rephrase my profile and gave trials on future calls for two days and when I made losses, she told me to give 20000 extra and switch to weekly premium calls. I hesitantly did that too. She led me to losses and even gave wrong advices on my current holdings in market.

However after that they didnt call/message me till september 2015. thought, useless weekly mails were received by me, which always failed.They didnt pick my calls too.

In the last few days, I was assigned to main manager, Pxxxxxh and he made me losses nearing lakhs.

To summarize it all, they just swallowed my 65000rs and made me losses of lakhs of rupees by providing NO/Bad services.

Hence I demand my 65000rs to be repaid to me by CApitalVia Indore.
And I demand government of India, Consumer forum to audit Capitalvia and take strcit actions against them.

Nikil Ajarekar
Pune. 411057, Maharashtra
Email: nxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 02/03/2016 / 12:22 pm

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