My iPhone 6 had stopped charging on 30th June, 2016. I visited the PCSS Authorized Service Provider and Reseller located at 2nd fl, Raut Industrial Estate, Mogul Lane, Mahim, Mumbai – 400016 on 1st July,2016. The Manager incharge there is Mr. Mxxxk. I was informed that Apple Service Centre is closed over weekend, and that they shall inform me about the phone by 4th July, 2016, Monday. Monday passed by, they did not give me any call to inform about the status of the phone. When I called up on 5th July, was informed that they have kept my phone for testing and that they will let me know the issue by 6th July. Again I did not receive any call from them. When I checked with them, on 6th July, they told me that there is water damage and I will get a paid replacement for Rs 24,500/- . In this entire process, they also lost my sim card which was inside the phone. They kept my cell with them from 1st to 6th July without themselves updating me on the phone status. Technically, any Apple authorized service center is supposed to report the issue to the customer in 48 hours and max 72 hours depending on the issue, but they were extremely unprofessional in their approach. Being sure on my side that it could not have been a water damage, I escalated the issue to Apple Support India. When I informed them about the PCSS service center, they looked into the matter and spoke to the service center and checked about the false and misleading report. When spoken to their Senior Adviser Dxxxxxxxa Bxxxxxxxxxxh from Apple Support, I was informed that it was not water damage but charging port issue. I told them them that I have received two contradictory reports – one says Water Damage and the other says charging port issue. Mr.Dxxxxxxa told me that there was a miscommunication from PCSS service center and an action will be taken against them. He also mentioned that if I ask you to go and show some other service center your phone, you will not believe them too. As a result of all this they have refused to replace my phone which happens to be in warranty till 29th November, 2016 – reason being there is physical damage inside the charging port. My phone does not even have a minor scratch nor a dent. And how could I have caused any sort of physical damage inside the charging port? iPhone is an expensive phone and it is the responsibility of the company to provide right customer service and experience to their customers since they pay such a heavy price for their product. Despite of having warranty, we expect some support from them. As a matter of concern and third opinion, I checked my phone with the Maple service center and was informed that they will only replace my phone if there is no water found inside the phone and secondly no duplicate parts have been found inside the phone. My phone met both the criteria but now they are telling me that there is physical damage inside the charging port. I have already escalated the issue with Apple but I am not at all convinced with their justification of physical damage inside the charging port. Of what use is the extended warranty of such an expensive iPhone? Apple Support should take this case seriously and provide me with a replacement since I am in warranty and my I have enough proof to justify my claim. My IMEI no is 356954060067962 and Serial no is F6WNN46EG5MQ . My Apple Case id is 1171231424.

Samruddhi Borkar
Dadar West, Mumbai 400028, Maharashtra
Email: / 20/07/2016 / 6:53 pm

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