I am a long term (so called privilege) customer of ICICI bank. I would say until this point I have always received good response for any issue. But recently, I had made a payment of 50 K from my ICICI credit card (last 4 digit 9005) without realizing I had an autopayment set up. So my sept statement, as of 2nd Sept 2015,had 50K as due. with due date of Sept 20.

I had the payment on credit card refunded on Sept 4, so balance on Sep 4 onward was zero. Now I see in Oct statement, as of 2nd Oct, there is a late payment fee. When I questioned through various channels (online chat, email inside bank account, raised complaints at different level), the answer I get is, Refund is not considered as payment, so I have to pay late fee by Oct 20, else there will be further charges. Now, I am not able to understand, why I would have paid 50K in sept after refund is already processed before due date? And if I pay it what will happen to that 50 K?

As of today Oct 18, my credit card has been blocked even though the payment due date is on Oct 20.
For now, I have made the late payment fee, since I am not in country and can’t spend so much time asking same questions at various levels. But it has really taken a lot of my time to post my issue and there is no genuine answer. Even though the late payment amount is not a lot, it is the harassment that is ir-repairable.

Barunesh Dubey
SRK Garden, Kudlu Main Road, Bangalore 560068, Karnataka
Email: baruneshdubey]@gmail.com / 19/10/2015 / 2:14 am

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  1. Dear Mr. Dubey,

    We regret any inconvenience caused. We have made a note of your contact details. Our official will address your concerns

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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