I brought a Lava iris fuel 50 mobile for my husband. it was giving low battery performance within 2months of use only. One day in sep’15 it suddenly stopped working and was submitted to the nearest lava service center. In order to do business they made us pay approx 900 rs (the phone was well under warranty) by saying that there is a phisical damage to the phone and the screen needs to be replaced. If we paid them the amount, it would be repaired within a week else it would take 1 month. after we got the phone it stopped working again within 1week and was sent back to the service center. Now again the phone has stopped working with teh same problem.

The service center owner Mr Gxxxxxxxp and his technician Mr Rxxxxxxxh are famous for their bad behaviour and the way they speak to their customers. This time when we have submitted the phone, the technician pulled out the non-detachable battery from the mobile right infront of us, ripped off its sticker and then said that the battery is physically damaged and needs to be replaced for which they would charge Rs 780/-. I fail to understand how can a thing like battery be physically damaged and more over when it was ripped off the phone infront of me. inspite of constant concerns being raised in the lava customer care, there has been no action and today i have received an email stating that i can go and collect the phone from the service center that that it would be returned without being repaired. I need a resolution and i would like to mention that i would not pay any amount to the lava or its service center for getting my phone repaired. They have made it their businees to trouble the customers and then get money out of them

Deepti Khanna
New Delhi 110075
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com / 25/01/2016 / 6:07 pm

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