This is a complaint regarding Lenovo, their authorised service center, Renovision Automations Services (P) Ltd and the dealer, Udbhav infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. I, Akshay Gautam had submitted a system model name Lenovo G400S Touch 20262 with Manufact serial no. CB23485091 on 16 Oct 2015. They couldn’t detect the problem and I was told that I will be informed about the status timely but even after a week, they didn’t inform about anything. They were not even picking up my calls, so I went to their service center in Karol Bagh which is 20 km away from my house. They said that they do not know about the case as the engineer is not coming from the past few days. Then I called customer support 1 (800) 419-7555 and told them about it and I was told that the query will be resolved as soon as possible.

After few days, I went there again as they were still not picking up my calls and I was facing a lot of problem in my work projects. The engineer handed over me the laptop to check but the previous problem was not resolved and even the touch screen stopped working. I was assured that it will get repaired soon and engineer gave me his personal number. But again I had to go every week there as they were giving me vague statements on the phone.

Then on 25 November 2015 (one day before my semester exam), I called them up to ask the status, they told me to come and collect the laptop. I went but it was still not working even after replacing the touch screen and motherboard. The branch head, Axxxm promised to take care of the case and gave me his number to contact him personally for any assistance. But I had to go there every time as either they do not pick up my calls or they are not in the office or they are on leave or the required part has not come yet. I went there 10-15 times only to listen to these excuses. Even Lenovo’s customer support was not helping enough. I called them and service centre every week but they did not revert me back even once. I even informed about my problem to Lenovo services department including Services executive director through Email on 24 Jan 2016 to highlight the case and provide me a standby laptop till then but they didn’t and it took them almost a month to give me the laptop back (17/02.2016). I received the laptop but didn’t check because I couldn’t find my charger. The delivery man, Axxxxxf compelled me to do the signature on the acknowledgment sheet before I check the laptop as he said that he would lose his job and assured me to contact him in any case. Then as I saw many physical damages, software problems and I doubted if the laptop is mine as it had a large amount of data which was not mine. Then I called the delivery person, Axxxxf but he did not pick my calls, Rxxxxa’s (girl at the service center) phone was switched off and Axxxxxm’s phone was always busy. I went to their service center (9-10 times) in Karol Bagh that is 20 km away from my house in Ghaziabad to check the status as they themselves didn’t update and didn’t even pick up my calls. I visited there even during my exams and internship so that cost me economically, physically and mentally too. Since they didn’t provide me with a stand by laptop, I faced a lot of problems in my research projects, exams and work. And then after 4 months, they provided me a damaged laptop that is not even working properly. I don’t want their services anymore as they are pathetic. I want a new sealed pack laptop with warranty. Plus a compensation of Rs.10,000 P.S. As my previous job sheet was misplaced with no. 7022656201 and the new job sheet no. is 7022917048

Akshay Gautam
Email: / 27/02/2016 / 4:42 pm

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