I purchased a Lenovo G 50-70 59 422418 laptop from amazon india on 24 july 2015. My laptop is currently under the one year warranty period. Three days ago a black line appeared on my laptop on its own and the next day some pixels around it turned red and after that it became black. I contacted Lenovo customer care and they forwarded it to their tech support who asked for a photograph which I sent them through mail. They told me that it was internal damage which is customer induced by applying pressure and they don’t cover it under warranty. But I did not apply any pressure to the screen and the horizontal line appeared on its own. The tech support keep saying LCD but I have a LED screen how can they decide just by photograph. We did not apply any pressure to the screen it is not a customer induced damage. I am providing with invoice and screenshot of damaged screen. Interaction no. with lenovo customer care : 221826964
Service request no. with lenovo customer care : 8007111019
Product serial no. : SYB10401132

Rashi Karanpuria
Meghawan, Jabalpur 482005, Madhya Pradesh
Email: rxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 24/05/2016 / 11:39 am

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