I purchased my lenovo laptop after 1 year i was extend its warranty to 2 years more and in warranty all thing (os,hardware etc.) Is supported but in my system some common problem is (hanging, slow processing,unable to run apps smoothly) is common but every time they recoverd my os and for some time my pc was working fine(not so good) but this time same problem is arise after going to service center after 2 days they said no hardware problem found(but my bluetooth & internal speakers also not working) and problem in os and we will not support os and they started give many unreasonable reasons but why i pay for os whereas it is covered in warranty and suddenly they are not supporting operating system. Then i have to install pirated os or pay 4000-5000 for original os.

Contact No. 9810805040 / 17/05/2015 / 10:50 am

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