I am sharath kumar from hyderabad. I have purchased lenovo z5070 laptop for 43k on april 20 2015. Me and my frnd purchased the same configuration laptop with i5 processor, 4gb ram and one tb of harddisk. I have choosen lenovo mainly for battery backup.

I purchased very urgently since i am learning the course. for that i need the laptop so i purchased it. from day1 my battery indicator is showing incorrect time remaining and incorrect percentage. For example, it will show 2 hours 43 minutes for 99% and again it will show 3 hours for 80%. But myfrnd laptop is giving the excellent battery backup of 4 hours with same model and same confi. it will show 4 hours for 100% and it will not showany incorrect time remaining and it will exactly give 4 hours. But mine is givin hardly 1 hour 40minutes now. I went to the store where i purxchased and theysaid to contact lenovo so I contacted lenovo and they one hour is the average backup and we cannot do anything. I was shocked by their response and said my frnd laptop is giving 4 hours why not my lappy is giving. They had no answer for that. I even said I can prove it by bringing the 2 laptops and i will in service center adn they said they willnot even replce the battery. I said it was not even one week or one month I want new piece. They said we will not give any replacement of laptop or parts. even i not not instaled any softwares in that i will just turn on and keep like and it willgive only 2 hours or less. but my frnd will play games and installed many learning sotwares in his laptop and it will function for 4hours without any issues. I am totally lost here sir.

I am unable to do my work and I am a student and I am not able to work in this laptop which lasts for just 1 hour 40 minutes or more than 10 minutes. I went to service center also and I kept my battery into my laptop and it is still giving the 4 hours and his battery into my laptop and it is still giving me same result and here I came to know that the issue is will laptop not battery and i went to service center and said the same thing. they will not beleive and they said they will replace the battery. I said battery is not the issue laptop is the issue here. they said we cannot do anything. I am totally lost sir 43K. I will go to classes with full battery and it will give only 1 and half hour there and remaining time i used to sit idle because my laptop will shut down. I asked lenovo how come the same models will give different battery backup. they have no answer for that. I called them many times and said I can prove by bringing the 2 laptops and show and still they dont have answer. But in show rooms they will say it will 4 hours but it is right beacuse my frnd laptop is giving and mine is not giving. I am not able to do anything with this laptop sir.I cannot afford to purchase another laptop now sir. please help me regarding the issue.

sharath kumar
Allwyn colony, kukatpally, Hyderabad 500072, Telangana
Email: sharathkumarpirm@gmail.com
Contact No. 8885122506 / 07/06/2015 / 2:58 pm

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