I bought a LeTv Max Mobile Phone from flipkart worth Rs 33,000.00 on 1st April 2016. On immidiate next day I found few issues regarding charging and hang issue, on which i posted complaint on flipkart. After insisting them so much they sent someone stating that He is from Mobile Company and will check the phone. He came in few days and stayed for about half n hour during which he performed couple of tests on phone and said the phone is absolutely fine and problem in it.
2 days later the phone turned off by itself and did not turn on, we took it to service center on which they said that we will have to leave the phone for couple of days for their investigation, due to some reasons we did not leave the phone at service center.
Next day my nefew was trying to turn it on, and suddenly it turned on after which it worked fine for next few days. On 24th May’16, it again turned off itself and then we could not turn it on anyway. On 26th May we took it to service center and they submitted the phone with them and gave us a Service receipt and said will inform us once they will find the exact issue. 2 days later they called us and said that the phone is dead and will go back to company and we will receive a new handset in couple of days, on which they took again more then 12 days and finally yesterday (06 June’16) I got call from them stating that they have received a new handset from company and we can take the handover from the.

We received the phone around 6 in the evening with working condition and 8% battery, reached home around 9 and kept phone on charging for around 3 hours as by the time reached home the phone was dead and it takes more than 3 hours for complete 100% charging. After charging it we tried to turn it on and now its not turning on again. We called service center and informed the same, on which they said that they can not do anything as they will take the phone and send it back to the company.

I humbly request you to please look into this matter as I have spent 33K on this phone and I am very disappointed with the handset and now to an extent that I dont want to continue with this phone anymore, I need my money back with all the compensation against the troubles I faced during the period.

I have attached the product Invoice and Service receipt at the time of submitting the phone we received.

Sharad Sharma
East Vinodnagar 110091, New Delhi
Email: exxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com / 07/06/2016 / 2:50 pm

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