Complaint regarding loan offer from Allianze solutions

Company Allianze solutions called for Loan at 5 % interest, saying submit cheque of Rs. 18000 (cheque no. SBI Indore, 217979 with cancelled cheque) then also told to submit (Rs. 25700 +25000) as NEFT, their Account details, Allianze Solutions, ICICI bank, Account No. 6xxxxxxxxxxx0, IFSC code icic0006630, i submitted money in this account thru my SBI account. They told me they are sister concern to Bajaj Finserv. But loan money is received to me. Please help.

Pramod Koshti
Indore 45200, Madhya Pradesh
Email: koshti.pramod] / 23/09/2015 / 10:04 am

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