I raised complain regarding my Lumia 1520 which was not working properly. It’s audio loudness had reduced majorly and while making or receiving calls, none of the side (caller or receiver) was able to hear each other. However, if during making call, I was putting the call on speaker both parties were able to hear each other. When I contacted customer care they informed me that this is not a hardware problem as both mike and audio was working fine, but they were unable to find out the reason why it was working only after putting on speaker.

I raised the same concern with Nokia customer care at “contactcentre.india@microsoft.com” on 08-May-2015 and got a response from them on 09-May-2015 with reference Reference: 1-15959174625 [SR# 1-15959637293] and informed me that the representative from Nokia care centre in my district will pick up the device and sort out the problem.

My device was picked up on 11-May-2015, however after 2- days, I was informed that the handset can’t be repaired at this care centre and it has to be sent to Delhi and I agreed for that. The device was then sent to Delhi with the Jobsheet number – 692504886/150513/004 on 13-May-2015.

Post that I continuously followed up with the Nokia care centre and continued to inform me that they don’t have any further information and once they get any status update, they will let me know; when they never called me back.

After almost 1 month, I received my phone back on 3-Jun-2015; and while using it I noticed that the issue was un-resoved. I contacted the Nokia care centre and informed them about the pertaining issue. Nokia care executive told me that they again need to send phone to Delhi and as the same issue was observed; they ensured me that the phone will get replaced. I handed over my phone to the Nokia care centre on 5-June-2015, and they told me that they will be using the same job sheet number as the issue is same.

Since 05-June-2015, I called them up several times and as usual they had no status update and overtime, they continued to tell me that I will get my phone back in next 10 days, but that never happened.

Today, when I called them again, the Nokia care executive told me that he has got status update and according to that my defective phone will not get replaced and it is not going for another repair which will take around another 20 days, before it reaches to me.

Now this is pathetic experience with company like Nokia and the phone like Lumia. I am without my cell phone since 2 months now and don’t know when will I really get it back. I am not even sure that once I get it, will it be functional or will it be again sent back to Delhi for another 1 month.

Please help me in getting my defective phone replaced with a functional one in the shortest possible time as it is getting harder to control my frustration and show patience.

Thanks and Regard,

Manish Kumar
Kashipur, Samastipur 848101, Bihar
Email: manish.sayy@gmail.com / 08/07/2015 / 2:01 pm

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