Despite taking to customer care several times, visiting service center multiple times, Reliance LYF doesnt resolve the issue with the product.

Even grievance officer takes about 7 days just to ask basic questions like my contact number, service center address which they would already have. Whereas, they promise to respond/ resolve any query is 24hrs.

09th July: Purchase of phone
10th July: informed customer care that the phone is crash restarting on its own for no reason. Customer care advised to wait for few day to receive software updates to get the issue resolved.
05th August: first visit to service center – after checking with the customer care, the phone is taken to service center. The phone is returned in an hours time saying the sofware is reinstalled to solve the issue.
05th August: second visit as the problem still persists. The phone is taken for observation. But jobsheet is not raised for whatever reason.
06h August: As I complained, a jobsheet is raised and was told that the phone is still in observation
9th August: The phone is collected. but the problem still persists. Customer care when contacted advised that the issue is now escalated and I need not go to service center again and write an email to A complaint number is not given despite of asking for it. An email was sent to,,
12th August: A response has come from grievance officer asking for basic details like contact number, service center etc which LYF should already have. All the information that LYF asked has be given on the same day.
16th August: A reminder sent to Grievance officer as there is no response.
A call is also made to customer care, and asked for escalation. Mr Axxxxxn made a promise for resolution.
17th August. Sxxxn Kxxxxxr, Area Service Manager has called us and asked to visit the service center again. The phone is taken to service center on the same day. The phone is kept in observation by the service center.
19th August: The motherboard of the phone is replaced and returned to us stating that the problem is resolved. In the same evening the phone started to give problems with the mic / speaker
22nd August: The phone is taken to service center again, but the service center denied saying that the problem isnt there although the problem is demonstrated to Mr. Sxxn Kxxxxr (Area Sales Manager)

Meanwhile sent an email to us after 13 days of my initial email, just asking us to go service center, without looking into details of the issue.

27th August: The phone is taken to service center again, but this time they únderstood’ the problem and took the phone repair.

29th August: We are informed that the service center is processing for a replacement of the phone.

(please see attached email chain with LYF)

With this kind of service, I cannot imagine the future even if they could repair my brand new phone.

S Ranganath Namala
Miyapur, Hyderabad 500049, Telangana
Email: / 30/08/2016 / 8:20 pm

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