I had an ICICI Savings account Jayanagar as a Base Branch from last 15 years. Around a year back i had changed the same account to as salary MAB account ( no minimum balance should be held). But there was some confusion and once again in June 2015 submitted all the necessary documents and got it changed to MAB zero balance account. And took a written confirmation from them that it is changed to Zero MAB account. The written confirmation is still with me.

After that once again there has been deductions in my account and when i complained for the same complaint NO: SR409673997 that 1,700/- had been deducted from my account. they have informed to go to the nearest bank and submit documents once again. Doing the same job for a working person is more difficult and once they give it to us in writing that the process is done. How could they give me an another statment that it is not done. Please find attached the document in which they have confirmed that my account is changed to Zero MAB account. Any more information required please let me know

Shashikala .M
Bangalore 5600004, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxa@goldensquare.in / 27/04/2016 / 4:21 pm

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