I received some vouchers through HDFC Bank for two 2N/3D trips within India/International destinations. The trip vouchers were provided by Magic Holidays; I paid Rs 8000 for these vouchers. At the time of booking the trip, the DD sent to Magic Holidays was returned saying the name was incorrect, and the details on the vouchers is incorrect.

After some research online, I noticed that there are a lot of existing complaints against the travel company and the nature of complaints is very much similar to my issue. However, the company has swindled people out of Rs 50000 and more.

The DD was returned to me after 15 days without any prior intimation about the details being incorrect. I received no phone call/SMS/Email from the company, advising me why the DD has been returned. After making endless calls to the company’s toll free numbers, I finally managed to understand that the name on the DD was not valid as per their requirements. If the DD details were incorrect, was the company sitting and waiting for a third person to come and tell me that the details are incorrect? The delay was purposely and strategically planned, so that the company is out of obligation to provide the hotel reservations, for which they charged me initially.

Now, when I’m asking them for a refund, the customer care reps are giving me all kinds of stupid stories, which sound as if this is not the first time they are facing such an issue from their customers. Since I have paid them my hard earned money, I would like some action to be taken against HDFC Bank, for misleading their credit card customers into agreeing to such bogus packages and against Magic Holidays for misleading their customers by false promises of travel booking.

Sahil Khurana
New Delhi 110017
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 15/06/2016 / 12:15 am

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