I broke my phone and submitted the same for change of LCD/touch on 05.July.2016 to the MI EXCLUSIVE SERVICE CENTER (Address: Arya Regency Building, No 1, Andul Raj ROad, near Hazra crossing, behing Jatindas Metro Station, Kolkata 7000026; Ph: 8622014793). The same was repaired and returned to me on 08.July.2016.
However, the staff failed to charge my phone and upon opening the same, informed me of water in the phone. Before submitting the phone, it was successfully charging and did not have any other problem except with the touch.
The staff decided to change the motherboard (under warranty) and I submitted the phone again on 08.July.2016. They said I would receive the phone in 10-15 days. JOBSHEET No: ISH05373.
Thereafter, upon regular inquiry, I was just informed that they would need 10-15 more days because the part was not available. This is the only thing they keep saying for each day till today.
I have been reiterating the fact that I am a sailor and would leave for my job by the next week. However, there has been no enthusiasm from the store ad they show no signs of returning my phone anytime soon.
It is the 14th day since my phone has been submitted a second time; but the staff has only added to their misbehaviour and now state that the phone will not be available even in the next 20-25 days.
Kindly understand that it is almost a month since I have submitted my phone and I genuinely need it by next week, to attend to my job.

Subhrajyoti Basu
Kolkata 700060, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 22/07/2016 / 12:30 am

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