I have submitted my MI 4i mobile handset on the MI Lucknow service center on 13th june 2016. The device is having a minor problem, as it was not getting charged. It was promised by Service center that device would be serviced within 10 days.

Date of delivery of serviced as mentioned in the JOB SHEET is 27 June 2016. Now even after 1 month of date of delivery I am unable to get back my Phone. All the time I call to the service center, they tell me to wait for 1 more week.This process has been repeated more than 10 times.

Even I made complaint to MI central chat support portal many a times,there they tell me that they have escalated my issue and my issue will be resolved soon. But nothing is being done over there.

Literally, I am being harassed in the name of service provided by the company. While, these things go on, I am losing my warranty period keeping my mobile in the hands of the company only. Now, the company is liable to extend the warranty period for my handset for the period the service is delayed.

If the company is unable to service the device,it should pay compensation to me in the name of new MI 4i handset, else it is making a great fraud in the name of service.

Suyash Singh
Pratapgarh 230001, Uttar Pradesh
Email: sxxxxxxxxxh@gmail.com / 28/07/2016 / 12:52 pm

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