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Complaint regarding misbehavior by bank employee

My mother and sister had visited today the Indian Bank in sector 5 dwarka New Delhi, for some work related to my father’s pension who is no longer alive. My mother had given bank a call in order to confirm whether she could visit them to which they agreed. When they reached the entrance of the Bank they found that the shutter was half closed but could hear people talking inside. On an A4 sheet paper it was typed Public Dealings which was pasted on the shutter, which my mother and sister had unfortunately not seen which definitely was a mistake on their part. So they went ahead and tried to have a look inside the bank.

Suddenly, an employee came rushing in and shouted at them in a very rude manner saying that didn’t they read sheet of paper pasted outside the bank and he banged the shutter down. My mother and sister could clearly hear people laughing from inside, at the behaviour of this particular employee. I got to hear this entire description of the incident from my mother and sister who were really hurt and furious at the same time. Trust me words are not enough to describe the way this employee of Indian Bank shouted at both of them. Also their was an old lady who was waiting to be catered to with my mother and sister.

I am currently working in Pune away from my home and family and it really pains me when I come to know what my family had to go through especially because I wasn’t there to help them. Let’s say if it was some uneducated person who cannot read or write and needed some help, then would this kind of a behaviour have been appropriate which was exhibited by this employee of Indian Bank. I don’t know what course of action would be taken by the concerned authority in response to this complaint but this kind of treatment of the customers should be stopped.

It’s a humble request to you to ensure that customers are treated with due respect irrespective of the fact to which strata of the society they belong. If this is the shape of things then I definitely would urge the public to reconsider their decision in keeping any sort of a relationship with this Bank.

Christopher John
Dwarka, New Delhi 110075
Email: cxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 01/04/2017 / 3:22 pm

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