On 25-Jan-2016, I repeatedly got calls from apex solutions. The caller said that this call is wrt to HDFC bank credit card. They are calling from HDFC bank credit card section. Later they said that they actually are apex solutions, who are HDFC bank business partners. Apex solutions provide credit card services for customers from HDFC bank. The services include free yearly tours, online shopping and dining at a discounted price for a small amount, to be payable initially. Also they said that they have my card profile and I’m one of the few selected customers eligible for this marvellous offer. Since they said that they’re affiliated to HDFC bank for card services, I went ahead and bought the services for 7999.00. For the lodgment, apex solutions initiated ivr call and made the payment over phone banking using my credit card. Later when I called HDFC, they clarified that apex solution is in no way affiliated to HDFC and they are making fraud calls to charge people and provide service. Is completely missold the product in the name of HDFC bank. Now when I called apex solutions, to say that they weren’t right to use HDFC bank name and sell the product, these people are now unwilling to acknowledge that. Some senior manager from apex solutions called me saying that they won’t refund money, since they’re totally correct and they have proof. I mailed them thousand times, apex solutions people are ignorant, fraud and extremely uncourteous. They made some 50 calls in one day to harass me.

I mailed apex solutions, called them to stop the product delivery, saying I’m not interested because the product is missold. But apex solutions is not ready to listen and are misbehaving completely. I want a complete refund of the amount paid and some legal actions against these fraud people. Please help me.

Aritra Ghosh
Hyderabad 500084, Telangana
Email: jXXXXXXXXXXXa@gmail.com / 31/01/2016 / 8:58 am

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  1. the same thing happened with me, in the name of HDFC bank they used IVR to deduct my credit card balance. Now bank says we don’t have any tie up with Apex solution. They(Apex solution) forced sell their bought products(tour package from diningplus.in).

    technically they are right under the law, they only mislead us.

    This is how smart India earn money these days.

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